Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Why do I need to write two checks?

If your procedure was done at Grand River Endoscopy Center, you will receive two bills. One is from Grand River Gastroenterology for the physician service and one is from Grand River Endoscopy Center for the facility service. These are separate companies and each requires their own payment.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?

Each insurance policy dictates different coverage. We will make every effort to verify your benefits before your procedure.

What billing codes will be used for a screening colonoscopy?

45378 or V76.51 are used for screening 60121 or V76.51 are used for screening with biopsy

If the codes change, will my benefits change?

If the procedure changes from a screening procedure to a diagnostic procedure, the codes will change and your benefits may change as well.

Can my claim be resubmitted with a different code if the insurance denies payment for the procedure?

No, codes can not be changed retroactively to match the insurance coverage.

My primary care physician gave me a referral for this procedure. Does that mean that my insurance will cover the procedure?

No, a referral from your primary care physician does not guarantee payment from the insurance company.

What can I do to help make sure my claim is submitted correctly?

Make sure we have a copy of your most recent insurance card. Report any changes in insurance to us.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?

Please contact our billing department at (616) 752-6852 with any questions.


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